VZLR Hits the Sweet Spot at Tuks Law Career Fair

May 19, 2022 | News


Written by Albert Gooding and Rifhano Sadiki


On 3 May 2022, we had the privilege of attending the University of Pretoria’s Law Career Fair and had an absolute blast engaging with the various students. As one of the most established law firms in Pretoria with (almost) 80 years’ experience, we felt right at home at one of the best Law Faculties in Africa. And, with so many of the VZLR family being proud Tuks alumni, visiting the campus felt like going home – a bit like we feel stepping into the office every day.


Some students were nervous, some were curious but most were excited about the prospect of tucking into some ice cream and sorbet (specially made for us by Whisk Away) while getting the answers to their most pressing questions from our team. Many law students feel anxious about their futures and their ‘next step’ after graduation – something we as candidate attorneys understand all too well – but as Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Our goal, of course, was to assure them that they can indeed pursue a career in the legal field.


The Law Career Fair was an enriching experience, affording students the opportunity to develop relationships and network with the various law firms in attendance. Our stand’s sugary treats, coupled with our friendly representatives’ reassurance seemed to put most students at ease and we were beyond pleased to see them walking away with renewed excitement for their future careers.


As is usually the case when interacting with students, more than a few jokes were cracked, so here are a few of the favourites we overheard on the day.


Law LOLs


Q: What do law students need to make an event a success?

A: At least two parties.


A woman sued a hotel for losing her luggage.

Unfortunately, she lost the case.


Q: Why couldn’t the convicted law student go back to his apartment?

A: Because they wouldn’t re-lease him.


If a yoga instructor kills her student before class, is it pre-meditated murder or not?