Insurance Law
This Department Renders Services To Various Insurance Companies And Individual Clients
Insurance Law deals with claims against persons and entities who are insured, and focuses, to a large extent, on claims relating to the liability of insured persons for harm or damage caused to others. This can include the loss of or damage to property, and even injury to or the death of, a person or persons.
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Banking and Financial Law

We provide services to various insurance companies and individual clients. Our Insurance Law department regularly institutes or defends actions in the Magistrates’, Regional and High Courts relating to, amongst others, fires, slip and falls, assaults, motor vehicle collisions and related causes.

Our Insurance Law department also assists clients in professional indemnity claims against professionals who, in their professional capacity, have caused persons to suffer a loss, whether by allowing a person’s claim to prescribe, settling a claim for an unreasonably low amount or, with regards to lawyers, overcharging clients in respect of fees.

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